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Coptic Authenticity

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    Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria

    Archdiocese of Northern California & Western United States

But God will rescue me; he will save me from the power of death.

Psalm 49:15

Archdiocese Projects

Coptic Authenticity

Coptic Orthodoxy represents a special depth, authenticity, philosophy, beauty, and a living faith; this app is dedicated to exploring the authenticity of the Coptic Orthodox church. Join our community as we explore the beauty of the Coptic Orthodox church!

Timeless Truth in Truthless Times

Who created God? Why did God create people knowing they will end up in hell? Can I live a good moral life without God? In this book written by Sub-deacon George Bassilios, you will have insightful and concise answers to 35 tough questions about the faith. Copies are available on Amazon, local parishes, and directly from

Built on the Rock Family Enrichment

A new program focused on cultivating strong Christian values in our marriages and families to build our futures ON THE ROCK. More info here -

Recent News

PRIEST ORDINATION – Fr. Joseph Arsanious & Fr. Mina Adib

On Wednesday, October 10th, 2018, HH Pope Tawadros II ordained Joseph Arsanious and Mina Adib to the rank of presbyter (priest). This was the fi

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Youth and Adult Retreats 2018 – NEW DATES & PROGRAMS!

This year we will have a new program for our retreats.  Please see the new dates and groupings and block your weekends from now. We will send m

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